Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paper Planes

Hello again!

Our teacher told us that the Minister will come to visit again our school and she said this time we don't have to sing “La Marseillaise” anymore because we forget the words all the time. The Head suggested we make some arts & crafts to show the Minister we are creative but nobody liked the idea because arts and crafts are for girls and we really just like to play football. But teacher said it was a good idea and we can make colourful paper planes and hang them on strings in the ceiling and make a giant banner that says “Welcome, Minister.” I like planes because I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

She distributed art paper but we all complained because everyone wants to have the same colour blue. Black is sad, pink are for girls and violet is not just right. She ran out of colour blue so Alec got colour pink and he cried because he said he wasn’t a girl. Teacher told him he could go to the corner and eat his croissant while we make our paper planes. When we finally made ‘em, nobody really wanted to tie them up on a string. When the Minister came, the whole classroom was full of flying blue paper planes. We were so happy but the Minister still has the same sad face as last year.

Your friend,

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Geoffrey's kick

Hello everyone,

I came home very sore today and had some bruises on my knee. Eddie went to karate class this summer and was showing off his new moves in the playground and we all gathered around him. He really made a high kick in the air and we said wow but hit Geoffrey in the face and he fell on the floor. Geoffrey started crying and called Eddie a nit and tried to punch him in the nose but Eddie got away and started running.

They ran around the playground and we all ran to follow them. Rufus was sitting down with Alec and eating croissants and we stepped on them so everyone got cross. Rufus threw Alec’s croissants on Eddie’s face. Alec thumped Rufus on his head and said he now wants to go home because he’s still hungry.

And me? I fell because I didn’t see Alec’s big lunchbox in the ground. The blood squirted from my knee and I thought I was dying and everyone stopped to see my bruise. The teacher came to bring me in the clinic and I heard Geoffrey say he will ask his dad to hire the number 1 karate teacher in France so he can kick Eddie back in the face. When I went home, mum asked me if it was painful and gave me a delicious pudding.

Your friend,

Monday, 16 May 2011

Louise's birthday

Hello again!

My mum said its Louise’s birthday this Saturday and we are all invited to go and there would be other boys and girls to play with and lots of balloons and puddings to eat. My dad couldn’t go because he’s away and I asked my mum if Alec could come because he likes children’s parties and can eat all day.

My mum called his mum but Alec didn’t get a good monthly report last week so he needs to stay home. I was sad that Alec couldn’t go but I thought about Louise and I like her a lot! I want to marry her because she knows how to score goals even though she broke the garage window that day. I wish I can score more goals like her! Mum said I don’t need to buy Louise flowers and we’ll go out this afternoon to look for a gift.

Your friend,

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nicholas is back!

Hello everyone!

Missed me? Sorry I have been very cheeky and had not been in touch for a very long time but now I’m back!

I can’t wait to tell you about what happened to me and my gang for the past few months. You’d be delighted to find that I haven’t changed at all because I still want to fly a plane and be a pilot and Alec still loves croissants. I’ve been getting really really good in football and today I almost scored a goal. Oops, mum’s calling for supper so see you in a bit!

Your buddy (is back for good),

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Geoffrey's birthday party

Hello everyone!

I am so excited because I get to go to Geoffrey's birthday party this Saturday! I just can't wait. It's only Wednesday today, so I have a very long ways to go. I like birthday parties because you get to eat cake and play games, and sometimes they give you a little bag of party favors to take home with you.

The only birthday party I ever went to that I didn't like very much was Mary Jane's (you can read all about it in my yellow book if you'd like!) I was the only boy at her party, so it wasn't very much fun for me, and all the girls did the entire time was giggle and play with their dolls. I do still like Mary Jane though, even if her party was boring.

But, oh man, Geoffrey's party is going to be great! We'll probably get to play cops and robbers in the house, and his Mum bakes the most delicious cakes you've ever had. Don't tell my Mum I told you, but the chocolate fudge raspberry cake she made last year was even better than the chocolate cake my Mum makes! And, my Mum makes GREAT chocolate cake, so you know it was really good. We've already bought a present for Geoffrey, and he is going to be so excited. It's a shiny red truck and it's so terrific that I really wanted Mum to buy one for me too, but she said that's not how birthday parties work and I should be a good boy and not complain.

Well, I hope all of you are having a great day! I can't wait for Saturday!
Your buddy,

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Researching penguins for school

Hello everyone!

We have to write research paper for school on an animal that lives in or by the sea. Teacher said it has to be at least 2 pages! That seems very long to me, but Teacher said that if we do enough research, it won't feel long enough... I don't know about that. I am going to write mine about penguins, because they are such funny birds and they look like they are wearing tuxedos all the time. I especially like they way that they waddle around on land, and Jeremy and I had a lot of fun at recess pretending to be penguins ourselves. He is writing his paper on whales, but that's harder to play pretend at when you're not in the pool.

What I've learned about penguins so far is:
1. Almost all penguins live in the southern hemisphere
2. Penguins can drink saltwater, and the extra salt comes out their nose (gross!)
3. Penguins are usually not afraid of humans, and so sometimes they will walk right up to you!

I've learned some other things too, but those are my favorite bits so far. Writing this paper is going to be hard, but it makes me feel very grown-up. Maybe one day I'll be a scientist! Anyways, I should probably go get to work on it- have a good afternoon!

Your friend,

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Jeremy's baby brother

Hello Everybody!

I don't know if you remember, but I wrote in my green book about the time that Jeremy got a younger brother, Lionel. He wasn't too happy about it then, because Rufus said that Jeremy wouldn't be able to come out and play anymore because he would have to watch his brother instead, and that he would have to share a room, and loads of other stuff that sounded pretty terrible. I have to admit, hearing that, I was very glad that I didn't have a younger brother - they just sounded like such a nuisance!

But, guess what? Now that Lionel is a little bigger, he's learning to talk, and his first word was 'Jeremy'! 'Course, he's really little, so it sounds more like 'Jermy' when he says it, but Jeremy's mum says he'll get better at it, and that it's a big honor for Jeremy because Lionel must love Jeremy very very much for that to be his first word. So now Jeremy is very happy with Lionel and says he's the best little brother a boy could have and he's very excited for him to get bigger so he can come and play with our gang. He even said he wouldn't mind sharing his room with him! So, I guess little brothers aren't so bad after all? I'm still not sure if I'd like one, but maybe I'll tell Mum that I wouldn't run away if it did happen, just in case she's not sure. Do you have any brothers or siblings? Let me know what that's like- I'm so curious!

Okay, hope you all are well!
Your friend,