Monday, 2 February 2009

St. Valentine's Day is coming


Today my teacher told our class that St. Valentine's Day was coming up and that we were all going to celebrate together. She says that Valentine's Day is a holiday about love and so you cut out little paper hearts and write nice things on them and give them to your classmates.

Jeremy asked if we had to give hearts even to the people we don't like very much and Teacher got cross and said of course we do and not to give her any more trouble. Mum is going to help me with my Valentines, and I've got some glitter and pink and red paper to make them. I think all that glitter is a bit girly, but Mum says it's nice.

I think I'll make my Valentine for Louise extra special, because she's so lovely and has a fantastic kick when we play soccer. We are going to get married when we grow up, after all, and Dad says you have to be extra nice to your wife or they get will mad at you. Anyway, I am very excited about it, because Teacher said if we're good and play nicely, St. Valentine will bring us some chocolate, and I love chocolate.

Have a great day everyone, I'm off to play with Rex!

Your friend,