Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Researching penguins for school

Hello everyone!

We have to write research paper for school on an animal that lives in or by the sea. Teacher said it has to be at least 2 pages! That seems very long to me, but Teacher said that if we do enough research, it won't feel long enough... I don't know about that. I am going to write mine about penguins, because they are such funny birds and they look like they are wearing tuxedos all the time. I especially like they way that they waddle around on land, and Jeremy and I had a lot of fun at recess pretending to be penguins ourselves. He is writing his paper on whales, but that's harder to play pretend at when you're not in the pool.

What I've learned about penguins so far is:
1. Almost all penguins live in the southern hemisphere
2. Penguins can drink saltwater, and the extra salt comes out their nose (gross!)
3. Penguins are usually not afraid of humans, and so sometimes they will walk right up to you!

I've learned some other things too, but those are my favorite bits so far. Writing this paper is going to be hard, but it makes me feel very grown-up. Maybe one day I'll be a scientist! Anyways, I should probably go get to work on it- have a good afternoon!

Your friend,