Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer fun

Hello everybody!

I get to go to the Zoo tomorrow!!! Mum and Dad are taking me and I can't wait! I hope it is warm and that I get to see a lion, and that maybe he will roar for me. I think that lions are my favorite animals because they are so big and ferocious, but they like to take naps in the grass sometimes, which I do sometimes also. I asked Mum if we could bring my dog Rex along, but she said it might scare him. I told her that Rex would
be very brave, but she still said no. So Rex will have to wait for me to get home, which he is usually very good about. He just sleeps in his dog bed and tips over his water bowl with his nose when he's bored. I do wish he could come though.

The other animal I am really excited to see is a gorilla. Mum said that there is a famous gorilla in California named Koko who is able to speak a little bit of sign language (that's the language deaf and hearing-impaired people learn) and she even had a pet kitten! I wish I could meet Koko. I wonder if she would let me be her pet for awhile? I think that would be fun. I could learn sign language too, and she could pick me up and carry me and we could have adventures! I would probably have to come back in time for school though, but wouldn't that be a neat way to spend your summer? Maybe next year that is what I will do. Anyways, I better go, but don't forget to write me, and if you're having a bored summer day, there are plenty of fun games to play on my website!

Have a great day!
Your buddy,

Monday, 1 June 2009

So many strange and wonderful things to eat!

Hello everyone!

A little while ago, I sent you all an email wondering what sort of strange things you all had ever eaten, and two of you responded! My friend Alfred said that he ate razor clams with his Mum -
Cool!! Were they delicious? They sound pretty yummy to me. Do you think you would like to eat them again?

Also, Rory sent me a really neat picture of the all the odd things he's eaten. Look at what he made:

Thanks so much for sending these pictures and stories - I love hearing from all of my friends!
Send me more letters and I'll share them with everyone here. Also, if you want to know more about me and my pals, you can go to or you can read one of my books - the green book is the newest.

Have a great afternoon!
Your friend,