Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A warm cup of tea

Hello everybody!

My mum always likes to drink tea and have a pastry in the afternoon, and sometimes I sit with her. I always eat the pastries, of course, but yesterday I finally had a whole cup of tea to myself for the first time. I never used to like it, but now I think it's delicious! Mum said it's called Earl Grey, and she says it's her favorite. I think it is my favorite too! It tastes wintery and warm, and I like to put a little bit of milk and a LOT of sugar in it. Mum says I should only have two sugar cubes, but I put in two extra when she wasn't looking - it just tastes so much better when it's really sweet!

I can't have tea today though, because after school I am going to play at Jeremy's house, and I don't know if they drink tea over there. Also, we'll probably be playing Cops and Robbers again, and I'm not sure if Robbers drink tea. Do you know if they do? Well, anyway, we're going to be very busy.

Okay, I hope everyone is having a really great day, and please send me a letters or pictures- I absolutely love getting mail from my friends!

Your pal,

Friday, 2 October 2009

Learning to type

Wow! I never thought school could be so fun! We're learning how to type now, and it is the best! Our computer's at school have really fun programs on them that are supposed to help us type faster, so we get to play games for 45 minutes when we have a typing class - and we don't even get in trouble for it, 'cause that's the assignment! We get to compete with each other, which is really great too. I want to win so badly, because Teacher said that whoever has the fastest typing score at the end of the year will get a special prize. Jeremy can type 51 words per minute, so he's winning right now, but I am going to practice until I beat him! I can type 47 words now, so I'm not too far behind. I'll let you know how it goes!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that Mom said she would consider letting me get a cat if I get really good grades! She says she's not promising, but I'm still very excited. I know that sometimes dogs and cats don't get along very well, but I think Rex could get along with any other pet- he's such a good dog. I want to get a cat because I can't get a lion and I think a cat would be the next best thing. Plus they purr when you pet them on the head, which is neat. Anyhow, I hope you all have a great week!

Your friend,