Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Halloween and Holiday Fun!

Hello! Halloween is in two days and I've been so busy with school, I almost forgot about a costume! Luckily, my Mum is lovely and she helped me make it today, so now I'm ready. She even said she would take me trick-or-treating round our neighborhood! I'm going to be a cowboy, and my costume is fantastic. I bet I'll get even more candies than Geoffrey, who's father is rich and will probably buy him a smashing scary costume that costs loads of money.

I just love all the holidays, don't you? Once Halloween is over, the next one for me is Christmas. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in France, but I wish that we did- maybe Mum will let me celebrate now that I have so many American friends? I could invite all my friends and we could have a giant turkey and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie with cream! If I could celebrate everyone's holidays I would, but I don't think Mum would like to throw that many parties- she says it makes her tired, but I think they are wonderful fun.

Oh! I nearly forgot! My brand new book is almost out- Nicholas in Trouble! This one's got a green cover and you can read about all the new adventures I've been having with my friends. I love the drawings you send, so if you send me more to, I'll be sure to let everyone see them here!

Happy Halloween!

Your friend,