Sunday, 19 June 2011

Geoffrey's kick

Hello everyone,

I came home very sore today and had some bruises on my knee. Eddie went to karate class this summer and was showing off his new moves in the playground and we all gathered around him. He really made a high kick in the air and we said wow but hit Geoffrey in the face and he fell on the floor. Geoffrey started crying and called Eddie a nit and tried to punch him in the nose but Eddie got away and started running.

They ran around the playground and we all ran to follow them. Rufus was sitting down with Alec and eating croissants and we stepped on them so everyone got cross. Rufus threw Alec’s croissants on Eddie’s face. Alec thumped Rufus on his head and said he now wants to go home because he’s still hungry.

And me? I fell because I didn’t see Alec’s big lunchbox in the ground. The blood squirted from my knee and I thought I was dying and everyone stopped to see my bruise. The teacher came to bring me in the clinic and I heard Geoffrey say he will ask his dad to hire the number 1 karate teacher in France so he can kick Eddie back in the face. When I went home, mum asked me if it was painful and gave me a delicious pudding.

Your friend,