Thursday, 12 November 2009

Jeremy's baby brother

Hello Everybody!

I don't know if you remember, but I wrote in my green book about the time that Jeremy got a younger brother, Lionel. He wasn't too happy about it then, because Rufus said that Jeremy wouldn't be able to come out and play anymore because he would have to watch his brother instead, and that he would have to share a room, and loads of other stuff that sounded pretty terrible. I have to admit, hearing that, I was very glad that I didn't have a younger brother - they just sounded like such a nuisance!

But, guess what? Now that Lionel is a little bigger, he's learning to talk, and his first word was 'Jeremy'! 'Course, he's really little, so it sounds more like 'Jermy' when he says it, but Jeremy's mum says he'll get better at it, and that it's a big honor for Jeremy because Lionel must love Jeremy very very much for that to be his first word. So now Jeremy is very happy with Lionel and says he's the best little brother a boy could have and he's very excited for him to get bigger so he can come and play with our gang. He even said he wouldn't mind sharing his room with him! So, I guess little brothers aren't so bad after all? I'm still not sure if I'd like one, but maybe I'll tell Mum that I wouldn't run away if it did happen, just in case she's not sure. Do you have any brothers or siblings? Let me know what that's like- I'm so curious!

Okay, hope you all are well!
Your friend,

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Coleman said...

That's good!

Family is a blessing!