Monday, 16 May 2011

Louise's birthday

Hello again!

My mum said its Louise’s birthday this Saturday and we are all invited to go and there would be other boys and girls to play with and lots of balloons and puddings to eat. My dad couldn’t go because he’s away and I asked my mum if Alec could come because he likes children’s parties and can eat all day.

My mum called his mum but Alec didn’t get a good monthly report last week so he needs to stay home. I was sad that Alec couldn’t go but I thought about Louise and I like her a lot! I want to marry her because she knows how to score goals even though she broke the garage window that day. I wish I can score more goals like her! Mum said I don’t need to buy Louise flowers and we’ll go out this afternoon to look for a gift.

Your friend,

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