Thursday, 21 July 2011

Paper Planes

Hello again!

Our teacher told us that the Minister will come to visit again our school and she said this time we don't have to sing “La Marseillaise” anymore because we forget the words all the time. The Head suggested we make some arts & crafts to show the Minister we are creative but nobody liked the idea because arts and crafts are for girls and we really just like to play football. But teacher said it was a good idea and we can make colourful paper planes and hang them on strings in the ceiling and make a giant banner that says “Welcome, Minister.” I like planes because I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

She distributed art paper but we all complained because everyone wants to have the same colour blue. Black is sad, pink are for girls and violet is not just right. She ran out of colour blue so Alec got colour pink and he cried because he said he wasn’t a girl. Teacher told him he could go to the corner and eat his croissant while we make our paper planes. When we finally made ‘em, nobody really wanted to tie them up on a string. When the Minister came, the whole classroom was full of flying blue paper planes. We were so happy but the Minister still has the same sad face as last year.

Your friend,

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