Friday, 21 November 2008

My mittens and my friends

Hello! I'm so excited! I want to show you the great pictures my friends just sent me!

Look, this one's from Nicole:

Wonderful work!

And this one's from Geordie:

Thank you so much for making these and sending them to me! I love them and I hope you'll send me more. My friends are terrific!

Also, I almost lost my mittens yesterday, which would have been awful! I was playing with the Avenger's Gang (those are all my friends, in case you didn't know. You can read all about us in my new green book, Nicholas in Trouble) in the old abandoned lot with a broken car. We were playing cops and robbers and I put my mittens on the ground and then I forgot them when we left! I was nearly back to my house when I realized I didn't have them, so I had to go all the way back to the lot to get them, and then mum yelled at me for being late to dinner. But just imagine if I'd lost my mittens! Then she REALLY would have been mad. It's hard to keep all your stuff together when you're out playing, but I do like my mittens an awful lot so I'll try to look after them better. Well, I'll talk to you all again soon and have a lovely weekend!

Your friend,


Niclas said...

I can't wait to read the green book. I am in America and it's hard to find your books where I live. But we will figure that out. Thanks for all the great adventures and the member packet I received yesterday.


Nicholas said...

Hey Niclas! I'm so glad you like reading my books! You should be able to get them at all major bookstores and online at places like Thanks for joining my club!

Nicholas Lam Wei Xiang said...
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Nicholas said...

Hello Nicholas! Kinokuniya in Singapore carries all of my books and you can also check in at Harris Bookstores, or Page One.

Hope that helps and have a lovely holiday!

Theo said...

I love the picture, it looks like Sempe did it.

- Theo