Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hello everyone!

Today at breakfast I was playing under the table when I was supposed to be eating my strawberries and pain au chocolat, and I noticed two ladybugs on the floor! Mum said that's because it's Spring now and all the ladybugs have woken up from their hibernation (that's a very long sleep that some animals take during the winter - I learned about it in school!). She said that ladybugs are good luck, and that it meant that I was going to have a good day today. I got very excited about my lucky day, and I told Jeremy about it as soon as I saw him, but then he got very jealous (Jeremy's one of my gang - you can read about him in my books). We decided to go looking for a ladybug for him out behind the school building so that he could have a lucky day too, but we couldn't find one, and we ended up being late for the start of class!
Our teacher was very mad at us for being late and gave us a really boring punishment at the end of the day, so I'm not so sure I think ladybugs are very lucky after all. But, maybe I just got stuck with Jeremy's bad luck because I was with him the whole time.

Have you ever had a really lucky day? Write me a letter and tell me about it, I love it when I get letters from my friends!

Okay, time to go have dinner!

Your friend,

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