Friday, 8 August 2008

Fun in England!

Hi Everyone!

I just returned from a fun trip to Oxford, England. Do you know where that is? Oxford is a city in South East England, and it is home to Oxford University, the very oldest university in the whole English-speaking world. Wow!

I went to Oxford because my friends at Blackwell’s Bookshop invited me to their store for a day of reading and fun activities. Here is a photo one of the reading sessions!

Blackwell’s is quite nice – it has been around since the late 1800s! Many people came to the event, and it was so much fun to make new friends. Here I am outside of Blackwell’s with Ean & Willem, two of my biggest fans!

I love traveling around the world for events! If your favorite bookstores or libraries are interested in having me visit, please let me know by sending an e-mail to


Finally, I just wanted to share something special that I received in the post this week. Fraser Wilson sent in a painting he did of me!

Isn’t it brilliant? It’s me with my suitcase – a very appropriate image for August, since everyone in France goes on holiday during this month. I like to go to the beach on my summer holidays. Where do you like to go?

Thank you, Fraser, for my lovely painting! Don’t forget to send your artworks to, and I will try my best to put them up.



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R and L said...

Nicholas - you've been so busy! I'm so very impressed! I'm going to visit some bookstores in Portland and San Francisco and see if they might just want you to visit them. Hope to see you in my new city - Chicago - this fall!