Friday, 11 July 2008

Gone Fishing!

That’s right, I’ve gone fishing. Or I will go fishing just as soon as my Dad gets all of his gear ready. I love fishing. The first time I went fishing was at summer camp when our camp leader took us to the pier. It was great! He got live worms and everything! Some of us got them on the hooks right away, but Paul couldn’t because he was too scared and George and Conrad were too busy having a worm race on the dock!

But sooner or later we all got our lines in the water. Do you remember who caught the first fish?

We had really hoped to get more fish that day on the pier, but in the end we only turned over two fish to our cook but said they were great! Best of all, he gave us cookies as a reward!

Well, Dad’s all set with our fishing rods so we’re going to go down to the lake and have a go. Have you ever been fishing before? Why don’t you tell me your story too!

And for more about my fishing adventure with my camp gang check out Fish Soup in the red colored book, Nicholas on Vacation!

Happy fishing!

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